World’s New Largest Airplane – Stratolaunch

Here are couple of pictures of world’s new largest airplane and the first video that “Stratolaunch” (Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder’s adventure) has shared. Here are the Dimensions of the airplane:  wingspan = 385 ft (117 meters; For compression, NFL is 360 ft in length), 238 ft from nose to tail, 50 ft high with 28 wheels. Announced usage of the plane would be to advance the space travel by cutting the cost of space travel. It is supposed to deliver rockets to 30,000 ft altitude. Hopefully it would also affect the comercial air travel, by introducing a new extra large passenger plane.

Here are couple of the pictures shared in the Stratolaunch twitter page:

Here are couple of pictures to compare world’s largest planes:

Comparing Largest airplane
Source: Gizmondo
Source: Jalopnik

And here is a video of world’s now second largest airplane (Antonov 225 Mriya) taking off:

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