Welcome to the People’s republic of Cali! 200,000 people evacuated because of “Imminent Failure” Of Oroville Dam – latest update


Ok, the gest of it is as folows:

1- there is dam in north California, named Oriville dam.

2- It is very full because of last record rain falls

3- it is about to break and if it breaks it is going to flood the Sacremonto area

Now lest see how bad the things are (oh, btw, that’s what you get for having corrupt government… it seems California has already become a third-world hell-whole… congrats guys)

This is prediction of how bad the things can get and the destruction that follows:

and here is how quickly the things can go down:

This is the areal photage of the situation by (the fake news):

This is the emergency evacuation order by the California’s Department of Water Resources:

So, if you are living in that area, or have a family member who lives in that area, evacuate before things get bad.

another shot of aerial view of the dam’s erosion:

source: (RT)

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