An unusual but timley designed vdeo message from Loretta Lynch, former Attorney General of the USA

Former attorney general of the United “LORETTA LYNCH” States just publish a disturbing video message. The video message is in the style of revolutionary leaders of the velvet revolutions. On The video she point out the following (a quick run-down)

1- She says this is a time of great fear and uncertainty for many people

2- She claims there rights of people are being trampled upon

3- She says the rights have been achieved by fight and blood!!!!

This seems like one of those velvet revolutions that the Obama administrative had run through the rest of the world. It seems like they are preparing a dangerous scenario for America! This is scary times for the United State. Just yesterday, Trump called Obama a bad (sick) man, in a series of twits that if they turn out to be true; he (Obama) can face criminal prosecution for wiretapping Trump tower before the election (you can read them here)

This is the video itself:

But as you can see from this picture, the video have been produced in an studio:

This is very reminiscence of the Tayyip Erdogan’s anti-coup video message. You can see it here:

The Obama’s ideologue administration better stop whatever game that they are preparing. This doesn’t look good at all! It looks like a call to action. A call for people to come to the street! This looks more and more like a call for coup and therefore a grand treason.

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