When a Uber Driver School’s Uber’s CEO on his Business Model

This video of dashboard cam that also was shared by the Bloomberg news outlet, show probably one of the most business savvy Uber driver ever who challenges the Uber CEO himself on his business model and  by the judging of it, he wins the argument.

Here is the transcript of their conversation (the heated part):

Driver: “You’re raising the standards, and you’re dropping the prices.”

The CEO: “We’re not dropping the prices on black.”

Driver: “But in general the whole price is—”

The CEO: “We have to; we have competitors; otherwise, we’d go out of business.”

Driver: “Competitors? Man, you had the business model in your hands. You could have the prices you want, but you choose to buy everybody a ride.”

The CEO: “No, no no. You misunderstand me. We started high-end. We didn’t go low-end because we wanted to. We went low-end because we had to because we’d be out of business.”

Driver: “What? Lyft? It’s a piece of cake right there.”

The CEO: “It seems like a piece of cake because I’ve beaten them. But if I didn’t do the things I did, we would have been beaten, I promise.”

Driver: “But people are not trusting you anymore. … I lost $97,000 because of you. I’m bankrupt because of you. Yes, yes, yes. You keep changing every day. You keep changing every day.”

The CEO: “Hold on a second, what have I changed about Black? What have I changed?”

Driver: “You changed the whole business. You dropped the prices.”

The CEO:  “Bullshit.  Some people don’t like to take responsibility for their own shit. They blame everything in their life on somebody else. Good luck!”


and here is their video:

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