Twitter battles of President Trump, He sent two twits that are amazingly funny but effective

Just take a look at these two magnificent twits from Donald Trump:


The past couple of weeks, especially the last couple of days, there have been almost a witch hunt against the new administration of Donald Trump. Some of it following the “Russian connection” allegation (which nobody knows how to define it to make it treasonous); some of it is related to the military operation outside of the country and the unprecedented efforts of the so-called “deep sate” to create a warm war with an opponent (A.K.A Russia or Iran).

As you can find through the new media, there even deeply saddening rumours that Barak Obama have created a new anti-Trump action room and invited Valerie Jarrett to the mix too.

Al of these, will put pressure on Trump; and as time after time has been proven, Trump perform best when his is put on the corner and needs to punch back his way out. And here you can see two Trumpian version of twits designed and cooked in a Trumpian Aikido.

Just like the other incidence (such as grab’em by the); he uses the matter at hand (usually an allegation against him, or his team), let them go with it and marinate themselves in it, make solid position and take moral high ground. And after half a news cycle, he uses the same methods and arguments that the enemy used against him, against them, with much better evidence (for some reason, his enemies never can close the deal and create a solid case against him or his team).

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