Top Best college degrees and worst college degrees, what are the best bachelor degrees

If you are a young person (or parents of a young person), you might like to know; what the students themselves would think about the usefulness of their degrees after graduation. Usually, universities try to promote their bachelor programs, advertise them in TV, write op-eds in papers to compare their degrees to other university’s. But, an advertisement, shouldn’t be the factor in your choice of school. The best way of finding out about a bachelor university degree’s quality and usefulness; is to ask the recently graduates of that major, what do they think about their expensive degrees. Are their major of study a wanted skill in the society? and is the job opportunity for their degree justify the cost of it?

Is that university degree that you or your kid is set to study in the university, really worth it? Well “Statista’s Martin Armstrong” has done a major survey about this subject and here is the result of the survey:

The list of college majors (bachelors degrees)

You will find more statistics at Statista

AS you can see from the picture above, based on the survey, the students believe that their college degrees is useful in this order:

What are the best college majors?

1-Most useful degree = Chemistry and Natural Sciences majors

2-Second Most useful degree = Computer Sciences

3-Third Most useful degree = Mathematics and Statistics

4- Forth Most useful degree = Business and Finance

5- Fifth Most useful degree = Economics


What are the OK (medium useful) college majors?

6- Sixth Most useful degree = Modern Languages

7- Management

8- Engineering

9- Literature

10- Physics, Life Sciences and Healthcare


What are the worst college majors?

11- Fifth Least Useful degree = Law

12- Fourth Least Useful degree = Media, Marketing and Communication

13- Third Least Useful degree = History, Geography, politics

14- Second Least Useful degree = Fine Arts and Design

15- Least Useful degree = Psychology



And here is an extensive article on how a guaranteed large student loan will change and destroy some of the most productive years of young people and put them in huge debt. But is you totally ignore all of those numbers, please take into account that this is going to be what that is going to happen to you (or your lovely kid) after couple of years in the totally insanely lefties and destructive university these days:

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