It seems some legal strategy in the winter white house happening

This is going too fast for everybody. After Trump calling Obama in his twits and out right call him “bad (sad) guy”. Loretta Lynch former Attorney General of the United State published a disturbing video (with professional lighting and professional editing! Means some organised movement on the let are happening).

Now we can see reports about Donald Trump locking out the 5th column (the fake media) out of Mar-a-Lago (the winter White house). While having Jeff Sessions and his lawyer with him. Now look at the following twits:

A White house Pool reporter, reports that:

in response to her, Peter Daou says:

And in response to him:

We can feel some sort of commotion going on here; anything from Barak Obama getting investigated for wiretapping Trump’s tower before the election, to a coup from the left. It seems that it is happening:

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