How powerful are the users of /pol/? Shia Labeouf’s He will not divide us gets shut down again

A Quick Rundown of what just happened:

>While the rest of the citizens of the world continue their daily lives… there is a merciless cultural war has been going on. One of the battle fronts of the war is the meme wars

>Those funny pictures carry so much cultural weight and the globalist are losing this battle

>The recent encounter was between the Hollywood propaganda/virtue signalling lefty Shia Labeouf and the un-known ordinary internet trolls.

> Shia Labeouf started his famous 4 year protest of Trump

>His protests have been shut down three times now

>the latest one was him flying a protesting flag and live broadcasting it

>The Trolls found the place that the flag was hand… (It was in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee)

>their operational coordination was probably better than most countries intelligence cervices

>in this front… so far the score is as follows: Shia Labeouf 0 VS 4chan /pol/ 3

Now that you’ve got the basic gestalt of the events; let’s delve into it a little bit deeper.

Right after inauguration of President Donald Trump, Shia Labeouf (and two other guys) has decided that he is going to create an art piece in protest of Donald Trump for as long as he is president. They added a surveillance camera to the wall of museum of motion picture in New York.

Right above the camera this term was written “he will not divide us”. Shia Labeouf and couple of young people (including a couple of hot lefty college girls), gathered around the camera and in a ritualistic manner were chanting “he will not divide us” (total lake of arguments… no subject to discuss, nothing to request, not point to protest, just reading the word written on the wall… how typical of them).

It didn’t take too long for Trump supports to make cameos. In couple of incidences, Shia Labeouf kinda physically faced them.

One thing that you’ll never do it to bully anybody (in any shape or form) and make them look like a victim and underdogs; right after that you’ll provoke people who were on the fence. By not having a plan to answer the inevitable trolls and people with different ideologies; Shia Labeouf made it unavoidable the eminent crash of online trolls and his week bullying supporters.

Soon after that, all of the prominent trolls who were already known or unknown and wanted to be unknown traveled from all over of the North America to New York to fight the Hollywood’s brain washing morons. This event made for cross pollination of different online communities who were Trump supporters but because of the Silicon Valley’s silent coup against America (that’s another story for another day); didn’t know about each other, but quickly increased their fame by using (sorry this is part is going to be redacted).

Some of those people that come into mind are: Baked Alaska, Brittany Venti, Jesus of 4chan, Jackie 4Chan, redpill Uncle tony and Greg the comedian, Sam Hyde and so on… That made Shia Labeouf to cut his art exhibition in New York (they said it was the museum but who believe those leftist lying PS).

After that loss, they move the art performance (the live stream) to New Mexico. No need to say that in a state with that many illegal and less police surveillance than Manhattan; things took a turn for the worst. A live shooting caught on the live stream, made Shia Labeouf a little bit scared of getting sued for damages and liabilities and so on. That made him to shut it down for the second time.

That takes us to the third time they tried their “hewillnotdivideus” art exhibition/protest. This time they tried to take out the human factor out of it. They raised a flag with the term “he will not divide us’ written on it; in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee. Less than 24 hours, the people of pol (they call themselves Kekestanies… which means the people of kek land (kek is a term for meme magic)) to find the location of the flag and take it down and replace it with “make America great again” hat.

But, how a couple of Kekistanis managed to outperformed even some of the most advanced intelligence services of the world? Here how it goes:

It started with the announcement of the new #hewillnotdivideus protest on the museum of moving image,

Then someone posted a post on the board /pol/ (stand for politically incorrect)

Then the search started. From the location of the sun on the live stream to the path of airplanes on the background and their flight numbers, to monitoring social media and finding any clue from there

Latest update on Shia Labeouf’s flag protest 2017-03-12

reportedly, he is patrolling the area with a baseball bat, hoping to catch one of the internet troll.

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