The new 3D printer innovation that can bankrupt Tesla, Also 3D printed houses and 3D printing pen

What is going to disrupt Tesla car technology? or in a better wording: what is the future competitor of Tesla motor?

3D printers are the new wave in the long waves of disrupting technologies and it seams, itself is about to be disrupted by a new wave of even lower cost cars. You might ask: “hey, what is the new invention that will bring the cost down and brings the production to a more local level and even to the costumer’s hand?”

The answer is the 3D printing. if you can pass the legislative hurdle and use the all mighty open source A. I. to get make a self made self-driving car. You are going to make  an even better and less expensive future generation of cars. A good example of that is an Arizona startup creation named “Olli”. The Arizona based Local Motors has big plan for the future of transportation. Here are two pictures of their creation:

Is hyperloop a viable technology?

Despite the huge brain washing via the “presstetute” media over Tesla cars and the very dangerous “hyperloop” (you can get a good explanation in here about why the hyperloop is not a viable mode of transport); the math and force of market will determine what will be the course of history and who is going to be the winner in the battle for the best mode of transport. Just watch this video:

It really gives a real good explanation and busts the whole myth of Elon Musk. Elon Musk has been in California for a very long time and the Hollywood’s culture might have had a effect on him.

Is there a 3D printed house?

Another industry that can be disrupted by the 3D printers is the housing and real state industry. As one of the most looked at real state market, Dubai has made a totally printed house that have been even occupied by new habitants. Just take a look at the pictures of those printed houses in below:


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Is there a metallic 3D Printer?

Yes, of course there is a metallic 3D printer. There also been an interesting innovation in the infrastructure building field using the metallic 3D printer that can print a bridge. Just take a look at the following video:

Courtesy of MX3D Bridge

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