iPhone 7 caught burning of video, is Apple stock going to have a Samsung style dive?

This is video of an iPhone 7, spontaneously, catching on fire:

Probably by know you have noticed the weaponization of media and use of it by the elites to over trough foreign governments. But, that is not the only use of CNNs and BuzzFeeds. Sometimes, the elites use the media to take down foreign companies too. As an example, the last bit of hullabaloo about the Samsung phones batteries exploding and catching fire. It damaged the Samsung’s share price and almost bankrupted the company; take a look at this image of their share price:

Samsung shareholders who lost nearly $20 billion in market value over just two days after reports first surfaced of the company’s new Galaxy Note7 randomly bursting into flames.

Now, just to show how the western based media is biased almost against everything; we present to you the chart of Apple shares, right after the same event for an iPhone 7:

Don’t let the election of Donald Trump and his “one man fight against the fake news”, make you believe everything is going to be nice and dandy. Let’s red pill ourselves against the media biases. It is still preeminent and very powerful. The images are taken from this article.

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