An interesting analysis of pharmaceutical industry and its dark side by Martin Shkreli

There are couple of moments in every industry’s history that an insider breaks rank and produces information that are highly valuable and are not easily achievable. After being taunted for many days years, Martin Shkreli in a “Trump” style punches back at the pharmaceutical lobbyists who tried to pile on top of him and skape goat him for their own dark past. we have both uploaded the video for you in here and provide you the link to Shkreli’s YouTube channel. In case the big bad wolf of the left took hid channel down, we still can have this very valuable dirty laundry in here.

By: Martin Shkreli

He has also created a domain under this name: “

Here is a part of that site:

Welcome to Pharma Skeletons, by Martin Shkreli.

1- Stephen Ubl,

Don’t you dare point your finger at me for the pharmaceutical industry’s troubles. It turns out we’ve all made some unpopular moves.

2- Abbvie/Abbott

Abbott raised the price of an HIV drug, Norvir, (sound familiar?) to huge public outcry.

People were pissed.

They didn’t need to. Abbott had billions of dollars of net income that year.

Abbott still raises the price of Humira, every year. This is despite Humira being the best selling drug on the planet.

3- Allergan

Allergan pretends 10% price increases make sense in a no-inflation environment. Just assume no one can do math. A big price increase on a small product is worse than small increases on big products, right?

Just paid the SEC a ton of cash to settle allegations it wasn’t disclosing M&A events properly.

We pulled Namenda IR off the market so that we could greedily switch patients to Namenda XR.

But everyone else is the bad actor, not us.

Don’t forget the inversion to avoid taxes, as well as their attempt to reverse merge with Pfizer to take them out of the U.S. tax system as well.

Remember that this is the company that does not do any R&D — they buy-in and call that “open science”. Open bullshit.

4- Amgen

No price increases here! No scientists either! Just lawyers.

Company was accused of pushing EPO so hard that it became toxic to patients. Remember that?

The company hasn’t had a science-oriented CEO in decades. Their R&D productivity is pathetic.

5- Avanir

We sell… cough syrup? We got a patent on the cough syrup for pseudobulbar affect. Somehow it got FDA approved.

It’s not a big selling drug or anything, but we need lobbying.

6- Bayer

We raise prices on drugs by 100%+ but no one notices.

‘Member Baycol? Oh, I member.


Price increases power this shitty business.

Tecfidera was a cheap drug available overseas.

New drug costs $750,000 its first year and ~$300,000 every year thereafter. Daraprim is $25,000 one time. Get mad!

Biogen doesn’t fool anyone into thinking they’re “innovative”.

8- Biomarin

Kuvan doesn’t cost much in Europe.

9- Bristol-Myers

Is anyone old enough to ‘member old Bristol Myers? Vanlev? Richard Lane? Peter Dolan? I ‘member.

It sure is easy to pretend you’re a model citizen when your company went through a pretty ugly period fifteen years ago.

10- Celgene

So we took a really old drug, price increased that by a lot.

Then we made PRODRUGS of that drug and priced them even higher.

THEN we increased the prodrug EVEN MORE.

You can find the rest of the big pharma’s dark secrets in his new site

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