The feauture of oil industry is (The floating nuclear power plants) – China and Russia have plans to create floating nuclear power plants

The rush to drill into the bottom of the sea for oil and natural gas has intensified during the past couple of years because of the huge technological advancement in those industries. Be it the drilling techniques, the deep sea exploration, the North Pole, Gulf of Mexico and South China Sea development plans.  But, one of the bottle necks that have hampered those deep sea drilling projects, is the location of the wells; which is smack in the middle of oceans. That makes it very hard to power up a drill using conventional power delivery techniques. So, if the oil wells are too far from the electrical grid, bring the power plant close to them to solve this problem.


Walla, there you have it! Enter the floating nuclear power plants. Here is a gallery of number of those power plants rendering or already functional ones on the sea:

another site RT reported as follows:

China’s next generation nuclear vision includes rolling out a series of floating marine power plants to light up offshore initiatives by 2020, a government spokesperson for science and technology has confirmed. A five-year-plan published in March 2016 detailed China’s desire to boost its nuclear generating capacity. The development plan also pledged to “strengthen” sea oil and gas exploration, a goal that would be buoyed by offshore nuclear sites. According to Wang Yiren, a director at China’s State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, floating nuclear stations will help provide the extra juice necessary for powering China. Yiren told China’s Science and Technology Daily that offshore energy supplies such as diesel generators are inefficient for offshore initiatives such as oil drilling. He confirmed floating power platforms are a major component of China’s latest five-year plan, while the Atomic Energy Agency has conducted research into key technology for the development. China currently has 36 nuclear power plants in operation, while another 21 are being constructed. Although China’s latest social and economic strategy does not mention floating power plants specifically, an objective to “accelerate the development of new generation nuclear power equipment” is included. The document also centers on building a modern energy system, a focus which could see China’s coastal power belt overhauled and the “construction of independent nuclear power projects”.


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