Iranian Military just Show cased new achievements and their new fighter caught a lot of attention, HESA F-313 Qaher (The Conqueror)

So, what is Iranian new fighter jet called F-313 Qaher? Is Iranian F-313 really a fifth generation fighter?

Iranian news agency has reported that they have successfully initiated new tests of their air force’s new fighter jet. The new Iranian fighter jet dubbed “HESA F-313 Qaher (The Conqueror)”, was reported to be a stealth fighter jets. Despite the Iranian news agency claims that Russian Sputnik called Iranian F-313 one of the very advanced 5th generation fighter jets, it doesn’t look like the fighter can perform in the level of a 5th generation fighter jets. Here is the video report regarding their new fighter jet:

The profile of the fighter from the front is somehow compatible with the stealth design as you can see in the photo below:


fifth generation fighters, front radar profile
fifth generation fighters, front radar profile


The rest of the fighter is almost compatible with the reflective lines in the front profile, expect of the tucked down tip of the wings, giving that design can give the fighter a better flight ability and manoeuvrability, it totally negate the “stealth” claim and dramatically increases the front radar profile of the fighter:

Qaher F-313 front radar profile
Qaher F-313 front radar profile

But, taking to account the odd shape of the tip of the wings of the fighter, it is not clear how the new F-313 can handle supersonic drag and high G conditions. Taking all of the mentioned point into account, you can probably deduct that the fighter is not really designed for a one on one dog fight, or real war condition bomb runs.

here is a video of the Iranian defense minister talking about the fighter and other military achievements in an interview:

So, what is this fighter Qaher F-313 is designed for?

If you pay attention to the interview that the defense minister of Iran gave in the video, you can see that the real reason of designing the new Iranian Fighter Qaher F-313 is really to have a training fighter jet and also probably a live flying labatoury to test their developing technology.

Once again, we think this is a prototype; and the new modifications are to come in future. If you take a look at the exhaust in the new model and compare it to the prototype that was revealed 4 years ago; you can conclude that the new model is planed for a two jet design, compared to the previous one jet engine design. A two engines aircraft is more reliable for the longer range missions.

we think that the location of the air intake is very wrong! The intakes need to be from the bottom of the airplane to increase the air pressure underneath the plane so that the upward force increases. That way, the crazy tucked down tip of the wings are not needed anymore.

Here is a Semi-Official aspects of Iranian new fighter Qaher F-313 from a military forum:

HESA F-313 Qaher (The Conqueror)
HESA F-313 Qaher (The Conqueror)

Technical Specifications:
HESA F-313 Qaher (Conqueror)
5th Generation Fighter Prototype

Focus Model: HESA F-313 Qaher (Conqueror)
Country of Origin: Iran
Manufacturer: IAIO / HESA – Iran
Initial Year of Service: 2018
Production Total: 1

Crew: 1

Length: 50.85 ft (15.5 m)
Width: 26.25 ft (8.00 m)
Height: 13.39ft (4.08 m)
Weight (Empty): 9,700 lb (4,400 kg)
Weight (MTOW): 19,842 lb (9,000 kg)

Powerplant: 1 x Turbofan engine. Performance specifications below are estimates.

Maximum Speed: 932 mph (1,500 kmh; 810 kts)
Maximum Range: 1,243 miles (2,000 km)
Service Ceiling: 49,213 ft (15,000 m; 9.3 miles)
Rate-of-Climb: 25,000 feet-per-minute (7,620 m/min)

Hardpoints: 0
Armament Suite:
2 x 1,000 lb conventional drop bombs OR 6 x Air-to-Air Missiles (AAMs).

Qaher-313 – Base Series Designation
F-313 – Alternative designation
Conqueror-313 (Tamer) – Alternative Designation
Q-313 – Alternative designation

Iran (proposed)



Here is the translated transcript of the report:

The translation of the reported….. “F-313 Qaher”, a completely Iranian built fighter with unmatched capabilities! The conqueror F-313 “F-313 Qaher”,, its technology is so new that the Russian sputnik wrote a report about it and called it one of the most advanced fifth generation fighter in the world. The fifth generation fighters should be: radar evading, supersonics, their manoeuvres should be logged; they should have advanced controlling system capable of engaging in different operations and should be able to host different types of ammunitions inside of themselves.

The conqueror F-313 “F-313 Qaher”, has the ability of attacking any moving objective

And more importantly, all parts of this fighter are domestically built; and have been designed based on the strategic condition of the region and new needs of modern warfare

We are proud that in this airplane, from the tip of the plane to the end of its motors, the body, and the material; its everything is Iranian.

The Iranian mind, has designed F-313″F-313 Qaher”, and Iranian hands has built it. Even the motor is Iranian.

Today is the beginning days of this fifth generation fighter’s on the ground examinations; it starts with taxing.

The conqueror F-313″F-313 Qaher”,, cannot be compared with any other fifth generation fighters, even with F-35 or F-22. The conqueror is the conqueror. Because this is for the first time that a fifth generation fighter can perform in very low altitudes, over the water or land, inspect the objective and destroy them, one by one; whatever the objectives are.

This is a plan that can fly in a very low altitude, keep its ammunitions inside its body and therefore has a very small radar profile. Its shape gives it this ability to evade the radars waves very easily.

The conquerors futures are so that makes it stealth, able of landing and taking off from very short run ways and because it is Iranian; its manufacturing and upkeep is very cheap and its adopt ability based on its needs is very easy. It is also adept to being mass produced. The conqueror F-313″F-313 Qaher”,, has a vast spectrum of operation in its defined responsibilities. Operations such as: recognisance, patrolling, defensive and short range logistics.

We hope our totally Iranian fighter becomes fully operational in a very close future and we can see its conquering power.


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