Elon Musk want to dig a Tunnel under LA to beat the traffic, specially traffic on 105

Elon Musk once in an interview said: “if I wanted to have a mediocre superhero ability would be to be able to beat the traffic”. He has a car company by the name of Tesla. Tesla Inc. is an step to his goal in life to beat the traffic (and yes, his announce goal is to make human society bi-planetary… but it is obvious that he hate the traffic on 105 ). It is an interesting thing with Elon Musk. It seams that being an entrepreneur has become is personality (I’m not trying to kiss up to him…. keep reading this and you’ll get it!).

Like everything else, there are couches for start up people (they teach how to raise funds, get trademark etc). One of the things that the start up couches teach the young entrepreneurs is to have a story for your project. Sometimes the start up people really want to solve a problem; but please people, let’s look into everything with a little bit of skepticism. Sometimes, they are looking for a government money into a new project because who knows; at least you have kept your social cache and your name brand.

I understand that we are probably going a little bit harsh on Elon Musk. But all e do is trying to show another point of view in an story that has been heavily politicized recently. Some of Elon Musk’s fans, who can not tolerate even a tat bit skepticism about what he does; are the same people who don’t understand the people who like Donald Trump.

Here you can see that Elon Musk has sent this twitte: “Traffic is driving me nuts. Am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging,” in December 17. and In here he said that they are starting to dig in a month or so

With Mark Zuckerberg trying too hard to clear his image (just take a look at the latest Jason Bourne movie, it was a Madison avenue publicity peace for Mark Zuckerberg to clear his name and probably run for office some day), and Donald Trump at the white house; every single billionaire has seams to be eager to do some politically acceptable project and create a massive for the good of the people type of legacy.

This seams a lot like the ice rink in New York city that Donald Trump has built many years ago. As for our opinion, the more they compete with each other to get to a public office, the better the people will be. Especially a time tested multiple platinum entrepreneur such as the Mr. Musk himself.

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