The congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, just introduced an amazing bipartisan bill

The congresswoman “Tulsi Gabbard” has just introduced a bill that will cut funding to Al qaeda, Islamic State and other terrorist groups that are fight against the Syrian government. She is one of the members of the team that had legally traveled to Syria (unlike some prominent Senators…. Uhm , uhm, JM). She has seen the depth of death and destruction of Syria, by her own eyes, has talked to the people on the ground and this was her interview with CNN right after her trip:

But she didn’t just drop the ball after the interviews and the publicity; she and one of her colleague from the house (a republican) have introduced a legislation to stop the official funding of the so-called moderate rebels. This legislation can help the current government of USA to kinda battle the “shadow government” urges of regime change in Syria and keep president Trump’s America first policy, the motto of the government. Here is the moment that she and her colleague introduced the legislation. They also brought up the aunt of the Syrian boy on the beach (Alan Kurdi) to the Capitol Hill to show that what the fake media tell you about the Syrians is not what the Syrian people have been trying to tell you. Please watch the video below:

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