CNN Was caught staging a protest to brainwash the UK population

As you can see in the first video below, the so called “reporting from the street” is not very organic and if the reporter belongs to a main stream media, there is always this chance that the whole thing is faked and made up. During the Libyan “up-rising” the fake news agencies such as Aljazeera of Qatar, created a replica of the green square of Libya on a movie set in Saudi Arabia and simulated the occupation of the square… that footage forceی Moamar Qadafi to go to the square and show that the square is still under his control. But by doing so, Moamar Qadafi made his brutal execution easier… because after that, he was under satellite tracking and the so called “rebels” were in direct contact to the intelligence agencies and were getting constant co-ordination of his whereabouts.

here is Mike Cernovich’s take on the video:

and here is the footage of real and fake green square:

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