Who the real global-left is? take a look at this analysis

Based on a report in zerohedge, the limo that was burnt down during inauguration belong to a Muslim immigrant and was rented by the former CNN host, Larry King.

The poor small business owner (Muhammad Ashraf) has lost at least 70,000$ in damages and also got hurt. The insurance agencies might not pay for the policy since the “riot” wasn’t mentioned in the policy.

On top of the civil damages, also an employee of the business got injured. You can see a picture of his injured hand in here:

The problem is that, the professional protesters are NOT part of usual society. There has been rumours that the government usually hire them to make a peaceful protest “peaceful” to justify the crack down afterwards. But by the look of it, it seams that just like other political arsenals (like CNN, newspapers and other gate keeping means of distributing information (like facebook and twitter)), the gang of masked thugs is a part of the “global-left” means of ruling over people.

More than 90% of criminal protest and vandalism is done by professional anarchists. The red guard of Austin TX, was one of them that “Alex Jones” has got in multiple fight with them.

It is a form of domestic force that the “global-left” has gathered all over the world and use them in a necessary time. The black wearing, masked anarchist who where rioting after the election were a group of no more than 2000 people. As you can see in this video by “Lauren Southern”:

Giving the fact that these people are like the special ops of the left and the inauguration of Donald Trump was the worst thing that can happen to the left in a very long time; we can assume that all of them have been called from all over the north America from all of their chapters to attend the after inauguration protest. These means that: “all of these wreckage and mayhem” of riots and protest during the past couple of years has been mostly caused buy no more than an army of almost 2000 people scattered between 380 million north Americans.Maybe a group of 30 to 50 in each large city. It is time to arrest the criminals and don’t be worried to make the black kids angry! Just take a look at the following report on arresting the violent members of the Marxist scums of Austin Texas:

and here you can see the remaining members (who have been sent to the DC (just like the Islamic t3rrorist who are airlifted from country to another country by the same “global;-left”)) has become more fluffy and fun and much less violent:

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