6 Car Crash Tests that totally changed the Car industry

Here are couple of tests that changed the way people think about the car industry. Just like the housing industry, the designer’s idea of what is good and safe and cheap, is very irrelevant to what people think and want. It doesn’t matter if you design the safest car in the

world, but the people think that large buddy and scary front makes a car safer… so what we are going to share in here are the accidents that change the public opinion about “what a safe car” is and looks like.

Case #1: 59s Chevrolet Bel Air & 09s Chevrolet Malibu

source: (IIHS)

This is when the long front with big steel got defeated by a newer design with airbag.


Case #2: Tesla Model S

source: (CrashNet1)

This one crush test, crush the stereotype of the electrical cars for being very wimpy unsafe tin cans. The battery banks underneath the Model S; acts like a thick steel beam/sheet that makes the passenger part of the car very safe and hard to crumble.

Case #3: Mercedes SLS AMG 2010

source: (Turbokeds)

Shows how much more thoughtful and detailed is used in a real super car. (coughing sound… corvette)

Case #4: Why there is a speed limit. Just watch this one

source: (drilon loni)

If you drive in a ford focus and are driving a little bit higher that usual speed limit; and if you hit a truck or something hard and heavy to move… this is what will happen to you.

Case #5: Even a safe brand becomes very unsafe right after its purchase by a Chinese Brand (at least some people are keeping the stereotype alive):

source: (obuhompogolove)

This is car that used to be thought as a safe car, but right after its purchase from its mother company (the Volvo) by a Chinese car company; the car, the brand and the investors lost a lot.


Case #6: Ford Pinto, the running Human Torch with one of the worst fuel tank design:

source: (amoloscrashtests)

This is how not important safety used to be. I blame the United Automobile Workers union for this. That’s why you don’t let the socialism take power;

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