Harvey Weinstein’s driver Tells All

It seems like a none stop stream of Harvey Weinstein’s tail of harassment, this time from his driver.

Harvey Weinstein’s driver in Cann’s festival (France) Mickael Chemloul, 56, Mentioned that behavior like (having $ex with a woman in the back of his car as she pleaded with him not to hurt her. Weinstein then took her to a hotel room for another session while his pregnant wife slept nearby) earned Weinstein the nickname  “le porc” (“the pig”) by locals in the South of France, where he frequently stayed.

Chemloul, who lives in Cannes France and worked for Weinstein when he was in the country, said the sleazy film-maker also kept an emergency  stash of condoms and Viagra in his Mercedes’ glove compartment. Chemloul worked for Weinstein from 2008 to 2013.

“Weinstein was a terrible man to work for.  Everyone knew him as le porc because of his size and because he sweated so much. When he came to Cannes we all knew what to expect.”

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Some of this accusations probably are correct and the situation might even be much worse than our imagination; But remember that the events that led to downfall Weinstein are unprecedented and unimaginable by standards of even 6 months ago. The connected billionaires used to be in another class of society, even that can’t help men (be it guilty or innocent) from accusation and constantly moving standards of male and female relationship norms. The match that started the Harvey Weinstein Fire was Rose McGawen’s break of NDA after settlement + cascade of leftie main stream media (such as NYtimes and MSNBC).


That means, if you are the greatest male feminist, the bravest white knight in history of listen and believe; have all of your bases covered, there is no guaranty you’ll survive the future prosecution by the future standards. And like always the left will stumble over each other o back stab you as soon as one of them made a move on you to keep their pro women image.  While, the same groups were part and parcel of covering up for people like Weinstein for years and years. And no NDA, settlement, contract law will help you against the lynch mob when the dyke of lies and cover up breaks down.

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