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You might have asked yourself: why the babies are cute? Or why baby animals in general are cute? Is there an evolutionary reason for young animals to provoke a protection like feeling in their species to support them with food? Feeling like shelter and protection from the outside elements?

The answer the questions above are: Yes! There is definitely a logical explanation with evolutionary spin for those questions. It goes something like this: If there is an adult animal that is reluctant to protect for its offspring; or, if there is a baby animal that is not cute enough (or equivalent of cute and attractive) to charm its way into the heart of adult to the limit that makes them to provide for them; that animal or species would have a less chance of survival in the crazy world of “survival of the fittest” and the ruthless competition of survival in the nature. And yes, the young cute animals should look cute to all the grown up of their species (and if they could, to other species too); not just their direct parents.

It is almost like that the living microorganisms with close embryonic roots; have some sort of peace treaty trough an emotional coding of cuteness in their babies. It is like an unwritten code; usually involve huge round eyes, button nose and short fur. Enjoy the gallery below, let us know which ones are your favourites.




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