There has been this interesting video on the YouTube that has made the round around 2013. It had a very gory image of a partially mummified German prisoner of war that the communist medical doctors have performed a horrific sleep deprivation experiment on.  The image is shown below:

Source: IReadCreepyPastas /youtube

Let me just save your time…. NO!!! NO Way!! In case you still haven’t made up their mind…. The picture doesn’t belong to a soviet sleep deprivation experiment. This was a prop used in an scary movie that the narrator of the story has cleverly used it to gain more views. There is simply no way for a human body to mummify to the straight jacket (the white jacket that is used to restrain the mentally ill). A living organism has defensive measures against decomposition of body.  There you go! You can sleep with no worry tonight 🙂

But there is no doubt that there have been numerous scary “scientific” experiment done in the past in most of the countries that have been involved in some sort of scientific competition. But science the nature of this experiment were keep out of public’s eye, it is very hard to verify if there has been any specific experiment on this special subject.

But in case you still were in the mode to scare the bejisus out of yourself, you can watch the video below. But remember, it is all a story!! there is no definitive prove that such a thing ever happened.

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