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The elementary school examination that made it to the top of Harvard Gazette and the lake of critical voice in the scientific society. Read this to see why it made me sad to see the horrible that the science community news and commentary is in.

I just put the word science and news on the google search machine to find something good and reported here (cause, I have extra time to sort trough the stuff and pick the good ones for you and let you read and enjoy it… I know! you are welcome). I saw the name “Harvard Gazette” and “science blog” and couple of more… opened the up.

Ann no one behold! in the “science blog”, most of the posts where written by the Atheist+ himself…. Mr. P.Z Myers… and the first couple of them were about the global warming (he wasn’t updated by the con artist for the name change… cause like any other con, the global warming, Ozone layer and now  man made-unsustainable climate change; need a name change, every once in a while). So, like any self respecting writer; I closed that tab and went to the next website to find something yummy to post in here.

The next website was the “Harvard Gazette”. With a quick look at the site… I found the popular article tab (which should be a way to sort through tons of garbage to get something worth while). The most poplar one looked like some sort of Uber ad disguised as editorial note…

Scrolling down was an article by this name “Unveiling Jupiter’s mysteries”, no author was mentioned under the article and just a phrase “editorial pick”.

I said to myself: “Ok, let me read this one now.”

The just of the article is this: “they have observed that the liquid hydrogen can change to liquid metal”. I remember when I was at middle school, they have thought us that: “the matter can have three stages: 1-gas 2- liquid 3- solid.

There you go! This is just sad! there are four or five names in this article with prof. and PhD prefixes and apparently they have published an article in physical review B.

My question is: “what happened to the science?”. Maybe it is because people in the scientific news or science community have gotten corrupt and just want to keep the status quote. I try to expose some of it here. Let’s see if we can solve this issue. I say we, because I need you guys help to. Help as, sharing the articles and keep reading them and so on.

I’m going to find some more articles to write in here.

Bye for now!

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