17 weird animal that you haven’t seen yet

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Weird animals have been with us on earth for millions of years. But some of them have such low population numbers that not everybody has seen them. Or they live in a faraway habitat or hard to reach place that make it impossible to notice them. The animal in this gallery are mostly weird looking. The most probable explanation for their look can be an evolutionary necessity.

As an example, the Gerenuk, is a type of antelope that got a weirdly tall neck. That neck makes Gerenuk able to reach higher branches that usual antelopes. Therefore, in couple of generation, the antelopes with the taller neck get more food and the other one don’t. That makes the antelope with the teller neck (the Gerenuk) an evolutionary winner. Another example is the blob fish. The blob fish which is almost as dense as the water in the depth of 4000 ft. ; having no bones and gelatinous body makes the blob fish able to swim effortlessly close to the bottom of the see. This way, the blob fish is away from to most hunters. Also the blob fishes that were less blobby, used more energy and didn’t make it till the next generation.  This post was inspired by imgur contributer. Please enjoy this gallery:

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