The 10 Biggest Leaks Of The Trump Presidency in the first 30 days

You’ve probably heard of the very important events that led to General Mike Flynn’s resignation… but As President Trump has said, there is a more important problem lurking in the dark. It is called the leakers! Sometimes an administration leaks stuff for some political reason. But since the latest leaks has permanently damaged the White House by the lose of one of their very important member of the Trump team; we can say by a better confidence that these leaks didn’t initiated via the administration itself… some people point out a couple of “never trumpers” as the primary suspects:


based on an article here… we can say top 10 leaks in the trump administration can be as follows:


  1. The “National Guard roundup”: The AP published a story this week on a draft Homeland Security memo that would call up National Guard units to round up illegal immigrants. The administration quickly denied it was considering the idea, but someone leaked that memo.

  2. That dossier: CNN reported that Trump and Obama were briefed on documents that included scandalous allegations about Trump and his connections with Russia. BuzzFeed then published the unverified dossier.

  3. Torture executive order draft: Only days after the inauguration, a draft of an executive order started circulating detailing plans to reinstate the CIA’s “black site” prisons and using Gitmo for detainees. It’s uncertain where this came from, and nothing has come of it since.

  4. Religious freedom executive order draft: Another draft executive order was leaked by an unknown source. The order would let private companies choose not to cover contraceptives for their employees and to speak out “on moral or political issues from a religious perspective,” without losing their tax-exemption.

  5. His conversation with Australia: An official told the NYT that the call between Trump and Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was heated and had an abrupt end.

  6. His conversation with Mexico: Dolia Estevez from Forbes reported that sources from both sides told her that Trump threatened to send U.S. military to Mexico during his “friendly” phone call with President Nieto.

  7. The raid in Yemen: Military personnel leaked information about the raid in Yemen, which led to the death of a Navy SEAL. They accused Trump of not having the proper intelligence before signing off on the raid.

  8. Gen. Flynn’s phone call: Weeks after the FBI warned the Trump administration that then-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn talked about Obama’s sanctions during his call with Russia in December, the information was leaked to the press, which ended up with Flynn forced resignation.

  9. The insiders: Republican Senator John McCain told reporters on Tuesday, “It’s a dysfunctional White House, and nobody knows who’s in charge.” Others have told journalists, including our Mike Allen about the “borderline chaos” of Trump’s administration, Steve Bannon’s growing influence, Trump’s dramatic process for selecting his SCOTUS, etc.

  10. Contact with Russia: Then last night, several news agencies reported on more contacts between Trump and Russia. The story was sourced to officials within the administration


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